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A Space Odyssey inspires Brooksbank & Collins’ coffee table

London design duo Brooksbank & Collins has designed a coffee table based on Stanley Kubrick’s science-fiction movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. The Kubrick table is composed of four individual, egg-like marble spheres intersecting a circular surface, and is intended to mimic the “visual language” used throughout the iconic film. “Most of Brooksbank & Collins’ work is reflecting on […]

Japanese tatami mats made into furniture by José Lévy

Japanese tatami mats have been moved from off of the floor and onto the furniture in this collection by French designer José Lévy. Created for Japanese manufacturer Daiken, the Moving Tatami range features panels of the traditional flooring on surfaces like the front of cupboard doors and the curving backs of sofas. The furniture also mirrors Japanese ideograms […]

Bombardier launches aeroplane catering to overweight passengers

A plane with wider seats to accommodate the waists of larger passengers will be unveiled during an annual aviation festival this week. Canadian company Bombardier’s CS100 aircraft features middle seats that are 19 inches (48.26 centimetres) wide – making them broader than both the Boeing 737 seats (17.3 inches/43.94 centimetres) and Airbus A319 (18 inches/45.72 centimetres). Window and […]

LaSelva and Iván Zúñiga design range of concrete home accessories

Spanish-Mexican studio LaSelva has released a collection of small concrete accessories for the home in collaboration with designer Iván Zúñiga. The range designed for Mexican homeware brand Más features a variety of vases, wood and concrete trays, geometric candle holders, and concrete plates. The vases are made up of a concrete base topped with a metallic rim, which […]

Poise lamp by Saif Faisal slides up and down to adjust light levels

The head of Saif Faisal’s Poise lamp moves freely along a wooden column, allowing the light to be intensified or diffused. Poise’s head can swivel and move vertically along the column, meaning the light can be pointed in any desired direction for focused illumination or faced upwards for more ambient effect. Poise is made from two main […]

Peca crafts shelves and cubbyholes from volcanic rock

Mexican design studio Peca has handcrafted a collection of shelves by carving blocks of lava stone. The studio’s Caterina Moretti used dark grey volcanic rock to make the range of modular Lava Shelves, which include a stackable, box-like cubby as well as an L-shaped bookshelf. “These shelves can be transformed in multiple ways when arranged in a room,” […]